ZAARC is a design focussed architectural company based in Durban and consists of a team of hand-picked dedicated professionals. The company offers comprehensive knowledge based solutions to the design industry through innovation technology and detail. The ethos of teamwork and professional responsibility is engrained in the practice as is the endeavour to achieve robust solutions and cutting edge creativity.

The practice is driven by a consistent philosophical approach not a predetermined style. As a result it aims to create specifically detailed buildings that are intimately connected to context and function.

We embrace an entrepreneurial spirit through being passionate and enthusiastic about all our projects, resulting in a willingness to develop and adapt to a rapidly changing environment. People who work at the firm are self motivated, hands on and collectively have strengths across a range of disciplines.

The concept of a ‘Creative Collective’ has captured people’s imagination, calling on the equilibrium and creative management of diverse talents, and the use of collaboration as its chief sources of creativity and strength.

You could call us a multi-disciplinary design office where our mix of knowledge is our strength. Our range of expertise means that we can take on a variety of complex assignments.